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Library Databases and Online Resources

* Indicates a password is required for home use.  Check with your school library for access information.
** Password required for school use as well.
   http://oslis.org/ *
OSLIS offers a number of databases for elementary and secondary students and tutorials for research.  Inside you can find links to Infobits, Nat Geo, ebooks, and more.

http://search.ebscohost.com/Community.aspx?authtype=ip&ugt=723731963C9635373756352632053E1229E369D36113689362E322E330133603&IsAdminMobile=N&encid=22D731263C3635273756355632853C67397379C371C378C372C372C370C376C33013&selectServicesToken=Axyv_Jur7hUH4xvHrf0Xn5ncJQBTC1eEtg4naG1PMGcRLGn7Cjg09wM7729HfIcWngtPkOChQ5qjo-Bq5HjjOHCMl4mjLatd-p61sdU8KfC-Jj3Os-U31YgLiey__nnabEp0bBYluNyj5pwMsoRJvyigaCjDDrDSogVXzjsQtidF8y2RTbYmPKgppTBlglIqlik6fGgRNEpPvsIrknFM-Kt8ycAsjyTrWxNfkn53VpXEnNO_pL7MOKV2bdvfRCZCLANJTJ9uVvKRiJMlU_LZna-HASbjhJPXJ3Ih-QzDkSiXyTIUfJdV403lLy6p *
EBSCO offers a number of research databases. Elementary students will find Explora Primary to be the most useful.

https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home *
World Book Kids is an introductory online encyclopedia for students to use as a reference when doing research.

A variety of picture books read by celebrities.  

Author interviews, book trailers, podcasts, and more...

Practice shelving books to learn the Dewey Decimal System.
Select your school to access the library catalog. 

Animated ebooks for students to read and listen to at school and home.  Get the username and password from your school library.

This ebook library is available for a limited time to provide extra resources for distance learning.  Contact your teacher or school library staff for login information.

Online database with videos and images. Check with your school library about access at home.

http://www.abcya.com/ **
A website with many educational games organized by grade level. Ask the library about a password to remove ads.

http://online.culturegrams.com/ *
Learn about the world through CultureGrams.  This database provides detailed information about people and places across the globe.

Links to a number of educational websites for students and teachers.

Free stories in multiple languages!

Learn another language!

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